(Tech House) Sei A – Blades of Brasil

Sei A - Blades of Brasil  on Sublevel Transmission

Sei A just released a new Ep Blades of Brasil on Turbo Recordings . I had this EP on repeat all day just playing it over and over getting lost in thought as I muscled through my grind, each time I found some new small piece of the puzzle to love. Slow brooding builds, melodic tech heavy beats and warped out vocals, every thing is hitting on all cylinders here. This is my first introduction to this Scottish Producer and i’m a fan, it’s a mesmerizing three track experience with a ton of style and innovation and I’m looking forward to what’s next from Sei A. If you dug this check out his other releases here.

(BASS) Shola Ama – Boyfriend – Toddla T Remix


UK Producer, DJ and Radio 1 personality Toddla T delivers a massive remix of “Boyfriend” from super soul singer and former Brit Award winner Shola Ama. Shola’s vocal performance is close and personal and gives  you the feeling she’s right there singing to you.Mix in some of T Willy’s deep soulful bass lines what you have is a perfect aphrodisiacs for the human spirit and I nice start to a Saturday night.



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[Progressive House] Bondax – Gold (Star Slinger Refix)

Star Slinger - Bondax Goldf Refix

This remix of Bondax‘s Gold from UK producer Star Slinger really made my Sunday complete. Now we’re big fans of Bondax on Sublevel so we expect allot when it come to any remixes and Star Slinger really nailed it with this one. That break down at 2:18 with those Bass lines is magic.

Make sure and check out his latest single as well “Ladies In The Back Feat. Teki Latex  it’s available on Ladies in the Back (feat. Teki Latex) - Single - Star Slinger and there’s a free Mix here that is a must have. Happy Sunday!

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Latest single from Star Slinger available on Itunes



Star Slinger on: Facebook ,TwitterSongkick ,Wiki

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[House] Woozee Preview of “I Like Your Wiggle”

Wooze - I like Your Wiggle

Woozee aka John Seiles coming correct with “I Like Your Wiggle.” This is just a good solid  funky House track that really put my Sunday in the right groove.  It’s just a teaser but I’m looking forward to the finished product. Allot of music genres and sub-genres come and go but House music is for life and Woozee is making sure we don’t forget that. Make sure and check out his Soundcloud profile for more dance floor bangers.

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Wooze on: Facebook  TwitterMista MenMixcloud


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[Nu Disco] Du Tonc Debut Single Darkness


Du Tonc is a collaboration project from London Producer Mighty Mouse and Matt Van Schie of the Aussie electro-pop group Van She. After first meeting in a Paris Club back in 2010 they’ve toyed with the possibilities of working on a project together, and we have waited patiently in anticipation for our reward. Well that day has come; “Darkness” is a beautiful blending of bright melodies, funky fuzzy distorted guitar riffs and soft personal vocals. This is an great debut single for these two. It’s bright and beautiful and I found myself coming back to it over and over. Darkness is released on the UK label Cheap Thrills and you can pick it up on Darkness - Darkness - Single.

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Du Tonc on Facebook & Twitter

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[UK Bass] Kidnap Kid -Lazarus Taxon

Kidnap Kid

I caught this track from Sheffield London’s Kidnap Kid on Indie Shuffle and I love it. It’s been out for about a year and his sound is just pure bass heaven and makes my day. So I feel like I’ve just been slacking to have missed such a premium track and big talent.  He made Itune’s Best of 2012  and he’s been featured on Radio1 as well as getting a nod from Diplo on “Diplo and Friends” on BBc 1xtra. This is what the UK Bass sound is all about right now. So here it is better late than never get ready to go real deep with “Lazarus Taxon”.

Kidnap Kid Links : FacebookTwitterSongkickBlack Butter Records


Kidnap_kid – Kidnap-kid-on-diplo-and

Kidnap Kid


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[Bali House] Uproot Andy – Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem

Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem

Brooklyn based Uproot Andy released a tropical 4/4 version of  “Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem” on MAN RECORDINGS  yesterday. He stays true to that Bali Funk style and incorporates some tasty house beats that enhances the rhythm creating a banger to get those butts shaking on the dance floor. Originally recorded in Rio De Janeiro in 2009 it has since then seen some great remixes. A personal favorite of mine is from those Bavarian Bass Hoodlums  Schlachthofbronx. They’ve been a secret weapon of choice in my arsenal for some time. You can pick up the 4 track EP which includes the original Schlachthofbronx mix at Fock Me Avontade (féat. MC Gringo & MC Nem) [Remixes] - EP [feat. MC Gringo & MC Nem] - Uproot Andy

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Uproot Andy on Facebook , Twitter, Soundcloud

Schlachthofbronx on Facebook , Twitter, Soundcloud



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[Fidget House] – JACK BEATS – Just A BEAT

Jack Beats - Just A BEAT


UK Fidget duo Jack Beats changing it up for us with a track from their forth coming album “Somebody To Love” due out  December 9 through Columbia/Destruction. Pre-Order the album on Itunes Here “Just A Beat” lives somewhere between House and Wobble with all the signature clicks,blips that we have grown to expect from this British Duo. Keep and eye out for some Jack Beats calabo action with A-Track and Diplo.

Jack Beat’s on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud


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Los Angeles Producer Le Youth New Tune “Cool”

Le Youth COOL

LA based producer Le Youth’s  new track “Cool” is  a new breed of early morning R&B disco that is so right on and just hits that warm spot with such finesse that you can’t help but feel a little sexy. It’s as a free Download via his Facebook Page. So head on over and get a copy for your self and check out his Soundcloud page for more tracks from Le Youth.


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Batty Bass Records Presents:The Carry Nation – “This Bitch is Alive” feat Viva Ruiz


Peep in to the New York club scene with DJ Will Automagic & Nita Aviance’s new project The Carry Nation on Hannah Holland’s  well-known Batty Bass Records. The tune is “This Bitch is Alive” feat Viva Ruiz on vocals and a fierce video filmed at Vandam in New York.  The video had me viben hard off this tune and got me geared up and ready for some dance floor debauchery. 



Batty Records

Buy it on Beatport

DJ Nita

DJ Will Automagic

Jamie Jone’s Remix of EJ’s “Mama Im Going to Sing”



The Jamie Jones remix of EJ’s debut single “Mama I’m Going to Sing” came out a few days ago. I couldn’t think of a better person to help bring some well deserved attention to this Gospel Soul singer then one of London’s most popular and diverse DJs.  “Mama I’m Going to Sing” has been getting a lot of play in the UK including on BBC’s Radio One who have been a massive supporters. I do suspect we are not getting the full force of her talents yet and with only one track to her name its difficult to know what direction her music will go in. What ever she chooses,  I’ll be tuning in.

Jamie Jones on Myspace

EJ on Soundcloud



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