[French Pop] New Song from Yelle – L’Amour Parfait (with English translated lyrics)

[French Pop] New Song from Yelle - L'Amour Parfait

Yelle never ceases to amaze me. Her new song “L’Amour Parfait” breaks away from her signature indie French dance pop, a style that made her the epitome of what was cool in electro back in 2006 and returns with a definitive darker palette. There’s no mistaking it’s Yell, she still has that beautiful vocal style that you can spot in a minute, but she’s coloring outside the lines here. She’s experimenting with new sounds and damned if she didn’t nail it with  “L’Amour Parfait”. Produced by her long time collaborator Grand Marnier and Aeroplane they fuse Trap beats and Nu Disco melodies bring a new element to her music that works brilliantly. If this is the kind of thing we can expect from her from now on I look forward to her new stuff.

L’Amour Parfait EP comes out on February 11th on Kitsune and includes remixes from Baadman, Sticky K, The Phantom, and Ruben Mandolini.  You can Pre order it on Itunes.

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Translated using Imtranslator.net

//////////////////// LYRICS ///////////////////////

I don’t know what you mean, but it means a lot to me

Your defects are my qualities I am only one formality when the love leaves when the perfect love

I will serve you balance, I know anything that you observe when you are there when you are tired

I’m your tool of arrogance, I no longer exists when you have confidence when love leaves when love perfect

I would not have this chance, Being equipped with a conscience When love hand when perfect love



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Paradis “Hémisphère”



Parisian duo Paradis has turned out some serious  warm and fuzzy disco  lately. This 12″ released yesterday on Beats in Space Records   is full of sensual moments and infectious melodies that draw you in and hold you in there warm in brace. The best thing you can do for your self this week is pick up this 12″.


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