[BASS] Bondax Release Brand New Single “Gold” During US Tour


So Bondax are inside the United States and making their way to the West Coast!. If you follow Sublevel on any level then they’re no stranger to you because we have been mad supporters of these two talented artist and being in the US is huge. They’ll be in Portland on December 15th and I can’t lie to you I’m exited. I’ve been looking forward to this show all year. So if they’re coming to your city don’t miss the chance to see some truly innovative music. So lets celebrate with their new single ”Gold” released just today and out officially in January on their own label Justus Records

12/5 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands
12/6 – Miami, FL – Coop
12/7 – Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
12/8 – Toronto, ON – The Drake Hotel
12/9 – Montreal, QC – Velvet Speakeasy
12/11 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
12/12 – Los Angeles, CA -The Roxy Theatre
12/13 – San Francisco, CA – 103 Harriet
12/14 – Seattle, WA – Croc
12/15 – Portland, OR – Rotture
12/16 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune

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[Lo-Fi] Advance Base – A Shut-In’s Prayer -Christmas in Oakland

[Chillout] Advance Bass - Christmas in Oakland

I found Advance Base this weekend through a Chicago blog which I feel kind of bad because I can’t seem to remember its name, due to the fact that I was in the middle of a weekend bender drinking what I like to call a Tiger Woods which is bourbon and Ice Tea with a lemon slice. After I had awoken from my haze the next morning I got a few cups of coffee in me and went back to Advance Base and reviewed my almost undecipherable notes along with Advance Base’s latest album ”A Shut-In’s Prayer“. That melancholy quality I enjoyed in my drunken stupor I had found again in my sober mind and went about my lazy overcast Sunday here in Portland with a soundtrack to match.

Advance Base is the newest project from Owen Ashworth formerly of Casio Tones for the Painfully Alone. His Album “A Shut-In’s Prayer” is his latest release since 2010. Primarily recorded with vintage electronic gear (Fender Rhodes electric piano, autoharp, Omni chord, and old rhythm boxes) it gives the album a rough and creepy nostalgic sound, but for me the real magic lie in his minimalist approach to song writing. Owen Ashworth stated “You don’t need a lot of musical elements. You just have to have something to say” and it’s the simplicity which makes this album so good  It’s packed with emotion and the melodies are like nursery rhymes that get stuck in your head. Reminded me of old Hank Williams or Patsy Cline when they wrote songs like Crazy or Your Cheatin’ Heart, beautifully simple in structure but filled with complex emotions. There’s a real artistry in that and Owen Ashworth captures that artistry very well in “A Shut-In’s Prayer“. “A Christmas in Oakland” and “My Sisters Birthday” were two stands outs that stuck with me for different reason. So you can listen to those below. Makes sure and take a look at the bonus video I added and pick up his album on Band Camp. All links available below for social network stalking..

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Maribou State – Native E.P [Southern Fried]



Digging this Native Ep by the London duo Maribou State. This came out back in June but some how it slipped past me. Really a perfect bit of mellow Soul Breaks and Future Garage for a lazy Sunday. Make sure and check out their Soundcloud page for a bunch of free downloads and go get the Native Ep out on Southern Fried Records.



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Buy on Beatport:http://www.beatport.com/release/native-ep/915126


New Album Out Soon from Brazil’s Bali-Funksters Bonde Do Rolê

Bonde-Do-Role Tropicalbacanal

Diplo pretty much brought Brazil’s Bali Funk music to the world. Bali- Funk was a musical expression that emerged from inside the drug lord ruled  Feval’s (ghetto’s) of Rio De Janeiro. Bond De Role coming from  Curitiba Brazil was one of the first bands signed to Diplo’s infamous Maddecent Label and it’s been really way to long since we’ve heard from them. Their new album soon to be released on Maddecent is Tropicalbacanal,  which will be produced by Diplo and Poolside themselves. Lucky for us there are a few tunes out that will let us know exactly what we should expect. Enjoy!



AlunaGeorge: You Know You Like It EP



My philosophy is one good artist will always lead you to another one. While digging for some Last Japan tracks I came across his great Analyzer remix he did for AlunaGeorge. That was my first real introduction to them. Aluna’s vocals are lush, interesting and  matched by the support of some great Future Garage Blip-Pop incarnation.

Aluna Francis and George Reid have only been working together for about a year and with just a hand full of tracks out they’ve already been given the nod by Radio 1.  For a young group just hitting birth, that’s a good start. It’s no surprise though the three track Ep is filled with memorable moments that kept  me coming back to it all week.

You know lately it just feels like I can step out my front door and chuck a stick and hit any number of  groups that are saturating the scene with mindless drivel. It’s just dam nice to see some creative and quality artist working together and standing apart from the rest. So go support some good music and check out their site for tour dates and pick up the Ep on Triangle Records, you can also nab it on Itunes as well. The Last Japan remix is a free download via Soundcloud, Grab that below.







Eric Berglund Presents : Morocco Plus – Scurvy

Morocco Plus - Scurvy, Sound Cloud

Loving this new track from  Morocco Plus  and I have to thank Eric Berglund for sending it to us. Now being on this side of the ocean the name Eric Berglund may not be familiar as it should be. You might know him from his solo project CEO and his massive cover he did of Beyoncé’s Halo. Or, if you’re really paying attention, one of my personal favorites The Tough Alliance  a  Swedish Electro Pop group he formed with his childhood friend Henning Fürst. A group that is extremely underrated here in the US.

Here is what we know about Morocco Plus they are Ben James & Oisin Haze from Cork, Ireland. The track  ”Scurvy”  is a free download featuring a great electro melody blended with  heavy guitar riffs giving it a gritty noise pop feel. Downloaded it,  love it and go support some great underground music. Look for them on Band Camp & Soundcloud.

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Sublevel Transmissions Picks of the Week: Last Japan, Trim, Baauer, Mach 5, Toddla T

Top Tunes on Sublevel Transmission




My week has got progressively crazier and crazier and here are the tunes I have turned to for some much-needed decompression and relief.








Last Japan one of the best producers in the UK featuring Trim a true original grime MC at his finest.


Baauer is a new one to me but found this one the Mad Decent blog. The lion roar sample is brilliant, Next Level.


Mach 5 out of Atlanta with and homage to good times.


A little something from a forthcoming release from Last Japan.



ThaF Records latest EP releases from Andrea Valenti and Phantim.

ThaF Records Jersey

It’s Thursday people that’s one step closer to Friday. So we need to clear some of the fog from the mid-week grind. Go crank the volume up to eleven and get those neurotransmitters charged and flowing for some weekend weirdness on the dance floor. Getting us geared up we have a couple of brand new EP’s from Andrea Valenti and Phantim off ThaF Records. Both these EP’s are so solid, they’re high energy, big beats with massive bass lines and super-duper funky. So go check it out, get your daily dose and make sure and show some love by supporting these artist so they can keep doing what they do.

Visit ThaF Records

ThaF Records on Beatport

ThaF Records on Soundcloud

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A New Track from 3D & Robert Del Naj of Massive Attack

Summertime - 3D vs Scarlett Johansson ,days-of-grace


I pulled out my favorite cassette tape of Massive Attack today. It’s a work of art in itself,  ”Blue Lines”  is carelessly scribbled in large sharpie across the top of it. There are some random pen marks, paint splatter and a  few chipped corners from just straight neglect, I really doubt it even plays. Still I can’t bring myself to just throw it out. That one tape changed my whole view on music. It opened me up to and underground culture of  turntablism, vinyl records, warehouse parties and dance music. When kids in Portland were playing House and Techno the Gemini Lounge was on the tip pumping out the Bristol sounds of trip-hop and Drum N Bass. Since then there have been hundreds of incarnations in electro but the members of Massive still remain the epitome of cool. Their Latest “Summertime – 3D vs Scarlett Johansson” is off the soundtrack from Everardo Valerio Gout’s Spanish-language thriller Days Of Grace. It’s got that Massive signature sound, haunting vocals and a tasty build up. It’s a testimony to just how relevant these guys still are. So pay homage to these pioneers and be thankful there still making music.


New Tune from Hot Chip – Flutes

New from Hotchip - Flutes

The new track from Hot Chip is full of warm fuzzy vibes and splendid melodic moments reminding me of my Moon tribe days of  dessert  sunrises and dance floor euphoria. Thanks for the trip back boys, I hope the rest of the album is as good as this track. Watch for their forthcoming album “In our heads” out June 2012. Pre-order links are available below.



 Don’ make the same mistake I did and watch this video drunk!!

 You’ve been warned.



Pre-Order In Our Heads here

Domino Records

Hot Chip


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