[Bali House] Uproot Andy – Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem

Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem

Brooklyn based Uproot Andy released a tropical 4/4 version of  “Fock Me Avontade feat MC Gringo & MC Nem” on MAN RECORDINGS  yesterday. He stays true to that Bali Funk style and incorporates some tasty house beats that enhances the rhythm creating a banger to get those butts shaking on the dance floor. Originally recorded in Rio De Janeiro in 2009 it has since then seen some great remixes. A personal favorite of mine is from those Bavarian Bass Hoodlums  Schlachthofbronx. They’ve been a secret weapon of choice in my arsenal for some time. You can pick up the 4 track EP which includes the original Schlachthofbronx mix at Fock Me Avontade (féat. MC Gringo & MC Nem) [Remixes] - EP [feat. MC Gringo & MC Nem] - Uproot Andy

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Uproot Andy on Facebook , Twitter, Soundcloud

Schlachthofbronx on Facebook , Twitter, Soundcloud



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[Hip Hop] Dyme-A-Duzin – Swank Sinatra feat. Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly & Capital STEEZ

[Hip Hop] Dyme-a-Duzin ft. Joey bada$$, cj fly, Capital Steez – Swank Sinatra (official video)

New  York City presents Dyme A Duzin premiering his New video “Swank Sinatra” with Pro Era guest MC’s Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez, & CJ Fly . These kids are taking Hip Hop to the next level by incorporating that Boom Boom Bap that Hip Hop has been missing so much.

You can take a look at Dyme A Duzin’s full length album on Shut Up N Listen - Dyme A Duzin

Progressive EraDyMe A DuZin on Facebook, DyMe A Duzin on MyspaceJoey BadA$$ on FacebookCapital Steez on Facebook, CJ Fly on Facebook


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[BASS] BLKKATHY – Shake You Off


Caught Brooklyn duo some times trio BLKKATHY’s latest track “Shake You Off” on the The Fader soundcloud stream. I believe it’s BLKKATHY’s best tune yet out of the only handful they’ve released on their Soundcloud page. If your not familiar with BLKKATHY it’s Bass music casted in a more subdued light conveying a more sad and darker side of pop. They’ve released a free EP on Deepellumrecords you can pick that up Here.

Find Them on:




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BLKKATHY, “ShakeYouOff” by The FADER



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[Free Download] Angel Haze Recounting Her Own Sexual Abuse in “Cleaning Out My Closet”

angel haze cleaning closet

Brooklyn Based underground artist Angel Haze has taken Eminem’s track “Cleaning Out My Closet” and thrown down some frank and straight forward lyrics of her own sexual abuse. Deeply introspective and powerful she commands your attention as she releases her inner demons sharing her personal experience of being raped and sodomized at the age of 7. She lays it all out, holding nothing back, taking you with her as she re-lives those painful moments. Gritty raw and bold, this is self-expression at its highest level and the kind of honesty in music that keeps the world in balance from all the superficial crap. Her new EP Classick  is out tomorrow 10.25.12 pick it up.

“The makings of a legend are often hidden in trails,” “So just be strong and just move on and just accept what you can, because it makes your story better when you read it [at the] end.”

Interact with Angel Haze :

@ Facebook

@ Twitter


@ Soundcloud.com

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New Mashup From Max Tannone – Mic Check 1234

Max Tannone Mic Check 1234

Were always glad to hear from Max Tannone because it always means new music.  His latest mashup album Mic Check 1234 blends some killer Hip-Hop tracks with some classic punk anthems creating an energetic sound that will keep you bouncing. It’s a free download like all of his projects. Make sure and  check out his  site Maxtannone.com for his other mash-ups.

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Capital STEEZ – Vibe Ratings (Music Video)

Capital STEEZ - Vibe Ratings (Music Video)


Capital Steez and his partner in Rhyme Joey Bada$$ are getting ready to claim 2012. Their Brooklyn crew Progressive Era is blowing up and breathing new life into Hip-Hop with a raw sound that projects sincerity and honesty two quality’s that is hard to come by in the rap game. Capital Steeze was a standout performance in Joey Bada$$’s “Survival Tactics” and his new video Vibe Ratings is the first visual off his free LP “American Koruption” (download free here). “Vibe Ratings”  showcases Steez’s playful charismatic lyrical word play against some big burly beats that are guaranteed to get that heading nodding. This is top shelf and worth a spin or two.


Pro Era on Tumblr

Pro Era of Facebook


Joey Bada$$ “Survival Tactics”

Joey Bada$$ – “Survival Tactics” (Feat. Capital Steez) (Dir. Creative Control)

Joey Bada$$ from Brooklyn NY is making some noise on the inter-web and having some problems keeping up with all of his new fans, because as he states  “I have homework to do.” This 17-year-old Junior in High school seems to have his priorities straight and is throwing down some beats and lyrics  that gives us  hope for the future of Hip Hop.  Check out is latest “Survival Tactics” and  “Waves” a freebie download. All links for proper social network stalking are given below.

“I want to bring the golden-age back. I want to bring back real music, you know? Meaningful songs, stuff like that. I don’t want to do ‘hip-pop,’ I don’t support hip-pop, I want to do Hip Hop. That’s like basically my goal is bringing back the Golden Age. It’s not to say I’m against things that are coming out today, I’m not against anything but I’m all for the golden age of Hip Hop. What I call Hip Hop is like, it has to be special. None of that Pop shit. [Laughs] I can’t really like describe it.”

Joey Bada$$


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