(TrAp) Linsday Lowend – Wind Fish Ep


Coming out of DC is up and coming producer Lindsay Lowend with his latest EP “Wind Fish”. Beware this is not just another Trap Ep there’s just way to much going on here to confine this to one style. It’s a perfect storm of Dream Pop, Vintage Synth, Glitch beats and some really mental R&B and Samples. His talent is creating unique Lo-Fi anthems that morph and camouflage beats and melodies into uncontrollable head bobbing eargasims. Just a good time from start to finish.

Released a few days ago you can stream the EP on his Soundcloud or just go pick it up at iTunes. Here’s a couple of favorites to give you a taste and if that’s not enough go check out the mix he did for Thump.vice.com

dream poit

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(BASS/GRIME) Preview of London Bass Juggernaut Last Japan’s DARSK-EP


Here it is, a look at UK Bass/Future Garage Producer Last Japan’s newest EP “DARSK”. After warming up the bass machines and cranking up the volume I prepared myself for a listen to what Marco Giuliani been doing all locked away in his pod of  magic and Bass synth.

“Paid in Full” is gritty grime track that features Merky ACE, a new talent, who’s among group of young London MC’s  energizing a 10-year-old genre. “Paid in Full” pays off with an inspired and unrelenting sound that will take you back to what you loved about early grime, raw quality.

Last Japan knows how to deliver the goods and does it every time with the mark of a true original. “Hoods” infuse old school breaks and new school wobbles.”Every Time I” and “Float” are quintessential Last Japan grooves, deep brooding bass lines, infectious melodies and strong vocal samples. Pick it up July 14 or pre-order through the link below.

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(Grime) Bloom – Maze Temple Ep Sampler

BLOOM	 Maze Temple EP

Some really manic bass worth checking out on Blooms latest Ep “Maze Temple”. This local Belfast producer builds some pretty numbing moments of stutter bass and grime while making use of some pretty harsh raw samples that just make s it sound that much more grizzly. The real mark of a true professional here comes from the fact the Bloom doesn’t have to concentrate and rely on those big drops to create those euphoric moments of ahh. He layers it all through out his tracks with mosaics of sounds that have been refined and tweaked into perfection, Really enjoyed this one reminded me of what Photec was doing in DnB but Bloom is just taking it to the next level.

Released just a few days ago on Visionist’s growing Lost Codes makes it a must have, so go buy it and support good music.

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(BASS) Shola Ama – Boyfriend – Toddla T Remix


UK Producer, DJ and Radio 1 personality Toddla T delivers a massive remix of “Boyfriend” from super soul singer and former Brit Award winner Shola Ama. Shola’s vocal performance is close and personal and gives  you the feeling she’s right there singing to you.Mix in some of T Willy’s deep soulful bass lines what you have is a perfect aphrodisiacs for the human spirit and I nice start to a Saturday night.



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[Future Garage] Sneak Peek AT Dark Sky’s New EP “Confunktion/Double U”

Dark Sky Confunction

London’s Dark Sky released this sample of  “Confunktion” from their new EP out March 18 on Bristol’s Tectonic Recordings. Think of it as music for space tourism, this is what you’ll hearing when we’ve colonized the moon and your exiting the ship. Deep dark, gritty spaced out melodies that build on bass-lines that bounces along and flexes with  massive stuttering mids, yea that’s pretty much how I see it in my head. Great stuff coming out of the UK . Don’t miss them on NTS Radio every other Thursday from 10pm-12 (GMT).

Dark Sky Links:

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[Bass] Jeremih – All The Time (Funkystepz Bass Mix)

Jeremih - All The Time (Funkystepz Bass Mix)

Some of the best Electro music is coming out of the UK now a days. Every time I turn around there’s another producers setting the bar just a bit higher for everybody else. Last Japan, AlunaGeorge, Disclosure, Bondax , and Starslinger are just a few that come to mind when were talking about talented boundary pushers who are making moves in the UK. Now from everything I’ve listened to from London’s collective Funkystepz  I would definitely have put them on that growing list. Funkystepz specializes in a mind numbing fusion of UK Funky, Garage and Bass It’s been praised and featured at all levels in the UK lately, BBC Radio One, BBC 1xtra, Kiss 100 Choice FM, Rinse and Hyperdub all have praised and supported them at one time or another. Their remix of Jeremih’s single “All The Time” is a big tune with wobbles that hit so deep and that it’s not hard to get lost a bit in it.

Links: Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

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[Progressive House] Bondax – Gold (Star Slinger Refix)

Star Slinger - Bondax Goldf Refix

This remix of Bondax‘s Gold from UK producer Star Slinger really made my Sunday complete. Now we’re big fans of Bondax on Sublevel so we expect allot when it come to any remixes and Star Slinger really nailed it with this one. That break down at 2:18 with those Bass lines is magic.

Make sure and check out his latest single as well “Ladies In The Back Feat. Teki Latex  it’s available on Ladies in the Back (feat. Teki Latex) - Single - Star Slinger and there’s a free Mix here that is a must have. Happy Sunday!

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Latest single from Star Slinger available on Itunes



Star Slinger on: Facebook ,TwitterSongkick ,Wiki

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[UK Bass/Garage] Grimes Year Zero Anthem Pulse X Has A New Remix Ep from Liminal Sounds

Liminal Pulse X Remix EP

Liminal Sounds will officially become a record label when they release the Pulse X Remixes EP on January 21st. Youngstar’s track Pulse X  was originally released when he was apart of Musical Mob in 2002. It’s a definitive early grime instrumental that came out during a time when Grime was coming down from its Commercial High and moving towards a darker straight forward minimalist approach. Pulse X’s over driving baselines and distressed bleeps and hand claps was such a major influence in Grime that artist and producers have praised and imitated the tracks element for years. The Pulse X Remixes EP  features some great alternative visions  to and all ready classic. This Ep has been on repeat for a while in tmy office and have been fully enjoying every track. The ones that jumps out at me and that I keep coming back to are the Visionist remix and Blackwax remix. In fact it inspired me to dig a little further and I found this Blackwax Offkey/Surface EP that I love and would recommend as well. This is not the first time this track has received a remix but it’s defiantly some of the better ones.  Make sure and support these artist by picking up their EP’s and following them on your favorite social network.

If you’re in London go celebrate with  Liminal Sounds at their release party at Visions Video Bar in Dalston on Saturday January 19th.


Liminal Sounds: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Blackwax: Facebook, Twitter

Visonoist: Facebook, Twitter


Pulse X Remixes - EP - Youngstar





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[UK Bass] Kidnap Kid -Lazarus Taxon

Kidnap Kid

I caught this track from Sheffield London’s Kidnap Kid on Indie Shuffle and I love it. It’s been out for about a year and his sound is just pure bass heaven and makes my day. So I feel like I’ve just been slacking to have missed such a premium track and big talent.  He made Itune’s Best of 2012  and he’s been featured on Radio1 as well as getting a nod from Diplo on “Diplo and Friends” on BBc 1xtra. This is what the UK Bass sound is all about right now. So here it is better late than never get ready to go real deep with “Lazarus Taxon”.

Kidnap Kid Links : FacebookTwitterSongkickBlack Butter Records


Kidnap_kid – Kidnap-kid-on-diplo-and

Kidnap Kid


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[Bass] Redwood – Lights [Free Download]

[Bass] Redwood - Lights
        This is the way I would describe Redwood’s new single “Lights” it’s that  warm fuzzy place that exist only between your dreams and a fully awake state. It seem to last no longer than a few seconds before your thrown from your sleep into full consciousness but it’s those seconds that can be heaven and no matter how much you try you can’t sustain that moment for very long. Well “Lights” is a full two minutes and fifty-seven seconds of warm fuzzy bliss. Filled with ambient waves of melodies and distant vocals inter woven with deeply toned bass kicks and  percussive beats. Redwood really went the extra mile and created a beautiful down beat track to meditate on. Currently it’s offered as a free download as well as a couple of other EP’s on his Band Camp site. Make sure and hit him up on one of the links bellow and show your appreciation.

Redwood Links: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud , Youtube, Bandcamp

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[BASS] Bondax Release Brand New Single “Gold” During US Tour


So Bondax are inside the United States and making their way to the West Coast!. If you follow Sublevel on any level then they’re no stranger to you because we have been mad supporters of these two talented artist and being in the US is huge. They’ll be in Portland on December 15th and I can’t lie to you I’m exited. I’ve been looking forward to this show all year. So if they’re coming to your city don’t miss the chance to see some truly innovative music. So lets celebrate with their new single ”Gold” released just today and out officially in January on their own label Justus Records

12/5 – Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands
12/6 – Miami, FL – Coop
12/7 – Washington, DC – U Street Music Hall
12/8 – Toronto, ON – The Drake Hotel
12/9 – Montreal, QC – Velvet Speakeasy
12/11 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s
12/12 – Los Angeles, CA -The Roxy Theatre
12/13 – San Francisco, CA – 103 Harriet
12/14 – Seattle, WA – Croc
12/15 – Portland, OR – Rotture
12/16 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune

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[Trap]Jay Z – Public Service Announcement (gLAdiator Remix)


gLAdiator is Ian Johnson & Danl Goodman, two Los Angeles based producers who come proper with that bounce and wobble. They’ve  made their bones in Moombahton and have become one of the fastest rising in the scene, but lately it’s been all about Trap. They’ve produced some outstanding quality Trap tunes and set the bar pretty high for the level of production that we must demand to make this genre a sustainable sound. They’ve had support from artists  like: Diplo, ƱZ, Sidney Samson, Baauer, Flosstradamus, Luminox, Toddla T, Heroes & Villains, DJ Benzi, Valerna. Their latest remix “Public Service Announcement” by Jay Z is golden and I would also recommend their “Showtime Ep” . You can find a lot  of their music free on their Facebook page including the “Showtime EP” so make sure and take advantage of that, but always make sure and support these guys buy buying their tunes, going to shows and following them on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud

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Public Service Announcement (gLAdiator Remix)

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[BASS] BLKKATHY – Shake You Off


Caught Brooklyn duo some times trio BLKKATHY’s latest track “Shake You Off” on the The Fader soundcloud stream. I believe it’s BLKKATHY’s best tune yet out of the only handful they’ve released on their Soundcloud page. If your not familiar with BLKKATHY it’s Bass music casted in a more subdued light conveying a more sad and darker side of pop. They’ve released a free EP on Deepellumrecords you can pick that up Here.

Find Them on:




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BLKKATHY, “ShakeYouOff” by The FADER



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[BASS] Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom #DLIMF(Official Video)

Grizmatik - Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom #DLIMF (Official Video)

Grizmatik  is the brain child of two talented producers Gramatik & Griz who have moved mountains with their big sound and building an army as they do it. Each have released their own successful albums in the past year, Griz with his album “Mad Liberation” and Gramatik with his “Digital Freedom EP”. With either of these albums it’s easy to see the quality and the channeling of the primal forces of Funk and Soul. Their Debut single as Grizmatik ”DLIMF” is a guaranteed get down on the get down funkifiied  brain scrambler. Using  a Trap, Glitch Dubstep fusion they piece together live instruments with choice vintage samples of rhythm & blues creating a perfect balance of paying homage and pushing things forward. We must thank the audio gods for bring these two together because the music is good. The latest is a video for the single featuring cuts from their performances at Electric Forest 2012, North Coast Music Festival 2012, and House of Blues Chicago. You can check out the video here and get the free download. Please support these artist by following them on your favorite social networks and buying their albums. Enjoy

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Links for Social Network Stalking





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[Bass]New comer Zes blowing it up with his debut album Outcry

Zes : Outcry LP  [Out For Free : November 6th]

Zes début album Outcry is due to drop November 6th as a free download and after streaming his Ep on Soundcloud this morning I would  have to say that Christmas is coming early. He’s the perfect yin and yang of melody and drum beats, one never over powers the other working together for the perfect vibe. His production skills are amazing he manages to join elements of Trap, Drum N Bass and Post Dub-step. Each one very well thought out and handled with care. If I had to choose some stand out tracks it would be “Coming Home” because I really dig that acoustic guitar melody and probably “Out Cry”.  So what can I tell you about Zes, not that much really.  He’s from Eindhoven, his album is off the hook and he’s an obvious talent that’s about it. He’s brand spanking new so there’s not a lot on the Inter-web but I’m on top of it and I will keep you updated as the info comes in. Go out and show this kid some love, hit’em up on his Facebook and Soundcloud …until next time Happy Halloween!!


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Zes Links




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[Bass] Culprate – Nightmares in Reality EP

[Bass] Culprate - Nightmares in Reality EP

The “Nightmares in Reality Ep” is the latest from Bristol based DJ/Producer Culprate. Bristol’s underground scene has produced a copia of creative and ground breaking musicians, original Bristolians include  Massive AttackPortishead and Tricky and others such as Way Out WestSmith &MightyUp, Bustle and OutRoni Size, and The Wild Bunch.  Culprate follows in the “Bristol Sound” tradition with an Ep that uses a darkness that’s uplifting and melancholy at the same time. With his sparse instrumentation and deep bass lines he taps into his childhood A.D.D. and twist and tweaks these tunes until you’re not sure where the hell your going to put this in your Itunes. Defying genres and side stepping labels is what Culprate’s all about and you can hear it in his music. As he states on his LastFM page “ I love music, I don’t really follow genres, well, I do to a degree, but I think that most of the time, genres form a prejudgment in your mind, so you think you don’t like something before you’ve even listened to it.”  I can get behind that kind of thinking.  Pick up this Ep on Beatport and all links for social networking are bellow. Make  sure and check  his freebies below.

Can’t let you go away empty-handed, here some freebies.

Culprate Links


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Last Japan – “Hoods”

Last Japan - Hoods

Keeping it a short one tonight, have to get ready for the rest of the week. Thought a little Last Japan would help cure those Monday blues. He’s really bring that funky get down on the get down Bass with “Hoods”. This guy is so talented, make sure and hit him up on your favorite social network.

Have a great week!



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Last Japan – Hoods 





New Single from Flosstradamus and US Tour Dates

New Single from Flosstradamus and US Tour Dates

Brand new single from the one and only Flosstradamus.  Make sure and see them on tour with Dillon Francis on the Wet & Reckless Tour and if you live here in Portland make sure you make it on September 14 at the Roseland Theatre to see him live.












Gappy Ranks “Stinkin’ Rich (Thornato Remix)”

Gappy Ranks “Stinkin’ Rich (Thornato Remix)”

NYC DJ/producer Thornato is known for that Latin Booty Bass Flavor. Incorporating the classic rhythms of Cumbia and Champeta in his music he produces a sound that resonates the kind of vibes that keeps the dance floor gyrating and pulsating all night.This is the Future as far as I’m concerned, Dubstep taught the world to appreciate the slow groove of a well placed bass line and introduced them to a new way of looking at the dance floor. Now producers like Thornato are  showing us the rich sound of the Latin groove and next level of the Bass sound. Check out his latest free download “Stinking Rich”  a remix of a 2009 Reagaton track from Gappy Ranks and show some love and go out and support this artist.

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Stinkin Rich (thornato remix)

Grupo Socavón – Homenaje a Justino (Thornato Remix)


Sublevel Transmissions Picks of the Week: Last Japan, Trim, Baauer, Mach 5, Toddla T

Top Tunes on Sublevel Transmission




My week has got progressively crazier and crazier and here are the tunes I have turned to for some much-needed decompression and relief.








Last Japan one of the best producers in the UK featuring Trim a true original grime MC at his finest.


Baauer is a new one to me but found this one the Mad Decent blog. The lion roar sample is brilliant, Next Level.


Mach 5 out of Atlanta with and homage to good times.


A little something from a forthcoming release from Last Japan.



ThaF Records latest EP releases from Andrea Valenti and Phantim.

ThaF Records Jersey

It’s Thursday people that’s one step closer to Friday. So we need to clear some of the fog from the mid-week grind. Go crank the volume up to eleven and get those neurotransmitters charged and flowing for some weekend weirdness on the dance floor. Getting us geared up we have a couple of brand new EP’s from Andrea Valenti and Phantim off ThaF Records. Both these EP’s are so solid, they’re high energy, big beats with massive bass lines and super-duper funky. So go check it out, get your daily dose and make sure and show some love by supporting these artist so they can keep doing what they do.

Visit ThaF Records

ThaF Records on Beatport

ThaF Records on Soundcloud

Buy this on Beatport

 Buy this on Amazon

Last Japan – East Feat Trim

Last Japan - East Feat Trim out on Bullet Record

Snippet of a tune from our favorite Bassed up Hooligan out of London, Last Japan.  Everything this guy touches is golden. Out next month on Bullet Train Records. Make sure and follow him on your favorite social network of choice.




Last Japan – East Feat Trim out on Bullet Trains Records

Dada Life single “Rolling Stones T shirt” + A free remix of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”

Dada Life Rolling-Stone-T-Shirt-

Dada Life is up to their shenanigans again with this smoking hot single that will get that blood pumping and ass shaking. Check it out, Buy it on Beatport and let me know what you think.

Make sure and keep up to date on that latest and greatest by subscribing to Sublevel and liking our Facebook page.

Many thanks, 



Buy this tune on Beatport

Dada Life


I love this track it’s just a top notch remix of an already great tune and it’s free.


Major Lazer – “Get Free”  feat. Amber ( What So Not Remix)


What So Not on Soundcloud

TLGB , G.RabbitDirtyRedEyes, Mud Simple

TLGB , G.RabbitDirtyRedEyes, Mud Simple


OK, I love this mix from The Living Graham Bond.  I put it on my Ipod and went for a run through the park and I was trying to figure out how to dance and run at the same time. I was pumping the fists, shaking my butt and had a groove in each step, nice work Gram Cheers! Pick up the mix right here for free and then shoot over to Beatport and  buy something of his.



Lately its been all about Digi-Cumbia for me. I’ve watched it grow from its infancy through its awkward stages and now its all grown up and keeping people shaking on the dance floor. G.RabbitDirtyRedEyes out of France is no exception, he’s been throwing downs some great grooves using a lot of different elements. Anything from traditional cumbia to Elvis, Adel, Santi Gold to name a few. If you dig that Spanish flava your going to like this.



Here’s a local Portland talent who has put out  some great Moombahton remixes lately. Mud Simple  says it perfectly  ”I make music, I like music, I dance to music. I’m a Dj.” A man of few words and Big Beats. Check him out on Soundcloud for more tracks.





You can download any of these Tracks and Mixes by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the player.


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