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(BASS) Shola Ama – Boyfriend – Toddla T Remix


UK Producer, DJ and Radio 1 personality Toddla T delivers a massive remix of “Boyfriend” from super soul singer and former Brit Award winner Shola Ama. Shola’s vocal performance is close and personal and gives  you the feeling she’s right there singing to you.Mix in some of T Willy’s deep soulful bass lines what you have is a perfect aphrodisiacs for the human spirit and I nice start to a Saturday night.



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(Chill-Wave) The XX – Together



This week they’ve been releasing some tracks from Baz Luhrmann next big movie The Great Gatsby. Now they’re allot of great artist surrounding this soundptrack from Jack White to Beyonce and Andrea 3000, Lana Del Rey but nothing has really stuck with me until they released “Together” from The XX. This song is probably the best yet I’ve heard from this soundtrack and The XX’s minimalistic approach to production shines thoroughly through with just enough emotion and purpose to make it a worth while listen.

(Synth Pop) Teenage Sweater – Young Glitter

Teenage sweater - Young Glitter

I was driving through the SW Hills and saw this Portland hipster jogging in his skinny jeans, converse and tight black t-shirt. He had his phone in one hand earbuds attached to his head and a dead pan expression filled with sweat and concentration.

Now just to make sure he wasn’t running to or from some kind of an emergency I followed him for a bit, because this is the kind of mundane stuff that peaks my interest. My spidy senses were correct, this guy had thrown all normal ideas of proper jogging attire out the fucking door and said this is me and I’m jogging. I thought good for you, it’s about time we had some rebellious spirit in the jogging community. Common sense be dammed no big corporation with all their fancy ads and “scientific” data on proper ergonomic gear was influencing this Sid Vicious of the athletic world.
So I dedicate this post to the guy who’s probably still out there turning the jogging fashion world on it’s head.

Young Glitter is a recent release from Mario Armando Ruiz aka Teenage Sweater and he knows all about doing your own thing with a form of experimental synth pop Chill-wave that always seems familiar but pushes the boundaries by experimenting and challenging the norm in modern electro music. We definitely have some Bauhaus slash Joy Division influences going on, which I always love.


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