Max Tannone takes on the Ghostface Killah

Ghostfunk By Max Tannone

You’re one seriously bad ass dude if you mess with the Wu Tang clan and Max Tannone takes them on like only a real Kung Fu master can. Now you probably know Max Tannone best from his most well-known project Jaydiohead a Jay Z, Radiohead mash up album that showed yet again that remixing is an artistry. We know that anybody can pick up a laptop and with the right software and technical know how start remixing songs, but  it takes skill, talent and musicianship to do it at this kind of level. He’s taken the Ghostface Killah from the The Wu Tang and remixed him using vintage African funk, high-life and psychedelic music. Now I tried to choose one track to highlight in this article but i couldn’t choose just one, there all good. In fact it kept me circling my block a few times this evening just because I didn’t want to get out of the car, that’s the real test. You can head over to his website to download full albums from all his projects, free of course.




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