(TrAp) Linsday Lowend – Wind Fish Ep


Coming out of DC is up and coming producer Lindsay Lowend with his latest EP “Wind Fish”. Beware this is not just another Trap Ep there’s just way to much going on here to confine this to one style. It’s a perfect storm of Dream Pop, Vintage Synth, Glitch beats and some really mental R&B and Samples. His talent is creating unique Lo-Fi anthems that morph and camouflage beats and melodies into uncontrollable head bobbing eargasims. Just a good time from start to finish.

Released a few days ago you can stream the EP on his Soundcloud or just go pick it up at iTunes. Here’s a couple of favorites to give you a taste and if that’s not enough go check out the mix he did for Thump.vice.com

dream poit

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(Free Download) New Song From Angel Haze – Initiation


“Initiation” is yet another example of Angel Haze’s power to pack tracks with seemingly spontaneous and emotionally driven lyrics. Tapping into her usual darker vein, drums thump out slow broken beats as her alt R&B hooks sooth with a soulful quality. Lyrics come out with a rhythm and purpose, drawing you in with her raw ability to engage and make it personal. When somebody bares their soul, it’s only human nature to listen.

“And you take me to that place were I can reveal what’s on my mind
And we both draw our lines
heaven knows that will cross them
but all them red pills on them blue days
We better on then we off’em
I take you to my place and fuck you with my mind
So you got no perception to space
and no perception to time.”

These past two releases “No Bueno” and “Initiation” have proven to be great vehicles for showcasing her versatility. I’d say good it’s going to be a good year for Haze.

Supposedly she leaked “Initiation” as a cutting room floor clip and not officially as a single. If this is what she throws on the floor, I can’t even imagine what the whole album is going to sound like.

Look for her debut album Dirty Gold out sometime this year.

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(Glitch/Trap) PANTyRAID!!!!!!!! New Album Pillow Talk

PANTyRAiD - Realism Is For Girls - PillowTalk

With a commitment to well crafted dance music PANTyRAID bends the boundaries of electro to their own will and produces sultry alternatives to the high energy dubstep and over the top electronica. The real ingenuity with PANTyRAID really lies in the details of the tracks. Fluctuating beats, titillating bass and scorching synth makes this duo a stand out group and major players in the future of Glitch/Trap.

Their new album “Pillow Talk” can be previewed bellow and is oozing with memorable moments. This is well worth picking up and make sure and check their tour dates for raids near you. If you live here in Portland you can find them at What the Festival link bellow

Shows Here

Grab your copy now at http://pillowtalk.pantyraidmusic.com and pick up free downloads, mixes, and music videos that celebrate the release.


Released by: Glass Air Records

(Indie Rock) Crossing Red Lines- Wake Up


Crossing Red Lines finds themselves once again moving further away from their rock Influences with their latest single “Wake Up”. Definitely in the vein of early punk and reggae their clean guitars and crunchy sound puts them somewhere between G Love and Sublime. It’s a great tune with deep melodic hooks, rock roots flavor and a nice Aussie touch.

Crossing Red Lines formed back in 2010 at a beach café in Moroubra Australia. Their début EP “Young and Free” released back in 2011 with an extremely positive reception. Since then they’ve played in some of the best venues in Australia and their newest single “Wake Up” made it to the top ten charts of a very popular Australian music site JJJ.

CRL on triplejunearthed.com
CRL on Twitter
CRL on Jango

Wake Up’ by CROSSING RED LINES is out 12 May through The A&R Department.


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(Hip-Hop) New From Quasimoto – Planned Attack


Madlibs diabolical alter ego Quasimoto is back with “Planned Attack” off his new album “Yessir Whatever” out June 18 (out digitally now). This album was made over a 12 year period and it brings together 12 tracks previously only released on now rare and out of print vinyl. For the dedicated audiophiles you might have already heard some of these. For those of you who are not avid vinyl junkies. It’s a chance to hear some rare cuts of Hip-Hop from the real deal.

Madlib is one of the most prolific and critically acclaimed Hip Hop producers of the 2000′s. He’s collaborated with a myriad of artists, including MF DOOM (as Madvillain), and the late J Dilla (as Jaylib). Madlib has described himself as a “DJ first, producer second, and MC last.

Quasimoto came about when Madlib decided to rap to his own beats. He didn’t like the sound of his voice so he decided to slow his recorder down, rap slow, then speed the recording back up to produce Quasimoto’s distinctive high pitched voice.

Peanut Butter Wolf DJ, Producer and founder of Stones Throw Records encouraged him to do more. Quasimoto made his first appearance in 1998 on Peanut Butter Wolf’s “My Vinyl Weighs A Ton” and Madlib put out Quasimoto’s debut album “The Unseen” in 2000. This album received so much attention from underground Hip-Hop heads and and mainstream media that it ended up making it onto Spin Magazine’s top albums of the year list.

Madlib website
Madlib at stonesthrow.com
Madlib RBMA video lecture session


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[Hip Hop] A Tribute to Jamal Dewar (Capital Steez)

RIP Capital Steez!

Jamal Dewar, better known as Capital Steez, is one of the founding members of the Brooklyn Hip Hop crew Pro Era. His latest video 135 released just a few days ago sadly represents the last piece from Capital Steez. On Christmas Eve 2012 19-year-old Jamal chose to end his life and we lost a talented artist, a mother lost a son and a crew lost a brother. His last message was left on Twitter and simply stated “The End.” I can’t speak on the personal reasons he had for ending his life at such a young age; what impossible problems were troubling him that he thought the only way out was by physically ending his life. I didn’t know him, but through his music I felt like I did. He built every verse with a clear voice and thoughtfulness of a true poet and executed it with the spirit and heart of a champion. So we mourn the loss of a real artist who helped start a revolution and began a Progressive Era in Hip Hop. Please download his free album AmeriKKKAN Korruption  and help keep his music alive. He left us with a small but powerful body of music and we’re lucky to have it.

I remember something my grandfather used to say “I wonder how many people I have changed and influenced in my life.” I wish I could have told Jamal how many thousands of people he changed and influenced in his. I hope he knows it now.

RIP Capital Steez.  We will never forget you.

Links:  ProEra


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