(Filth Pop) Made in Heights – Murakami


If your not familiar with Maid in Heights now is the time to pay attention. Their latest single Murakami was released about a week ago on sound cloud and it really represents some of their best work to date. Kelsey Bulkin's vocals are soft, angelic and in certain moments takes on an MC rhythm that gives the vocal performance an edgy raw quality. Sabazi brings in his stylish beat production and really takes it deep around 2:27 with a Glitch/Trap bass drop that just has one of those over powering moments that shreds every thing away and let's you get lost in those wobbles and bass. Overall I'm really pleased with the body of work from Made in Heights, but this latest track is a stand out tune that keeps me coming back to it time and time again.




(Indie Pop) Misun – Hills and Trails, Free Download


DC based Misun just released their debut Ep “The Sea” back in July and their already back with a free download. Hills and Trails takes some influences from Digital Cumbia and brilliantly melts them with some Spaghetti Western soundtracks reminiscent of Sergio Leone.


(Electro Pop) MØ: – Waste Of Time/Pilgrim MS MR Remix – Videos

MO Pilgrim MS MR Remix

Danish singer ‘s latest single “Waste of Time” builds a massive percussive assault, with syncopated finger snaps, beautiful guitars riffs, and an always dynamic vocal range that’s delivered on every single so far.  As a bonus MØ has videos for both the single and the Pilgrim MS MR remix. Here videos always reminds me of old Warhol films because of their low-budget quality and the cerebral and eccentric themes. So grab your favorite vice of choice and get lost with these two gems from MØ.

Here’s how to exactly to type her name since searching for MØ on Google can be a bit difficult.

Windows: For uppercase (Ø), hold the alt key down and type 0216 on the number pad, then release the alt key.

Mac : Shift+Option+O = Ø



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(Synth Pop) Teenage Sweater – Young Glitter

Teenage sweater - Young Glitter

I was driving through the SW Hills and saw this Portland hipster jogging in his skinny jeans, converse and tight black t-shirt. He had his phone in one hand earbuds attached to his head and a dead pan expression filled with sweat and concentration.

Now just to make sure he wasn’t running to or from some kind of an emergency I followed him for a bit, because this is the kind of mundane stuff that peaks my interest. My spidy senses were correct, this guy had thrown all normal ideas of proper jogging attire out the fucking door and said this is me and I’m jogging. I thought good for you, it’s about time we had some rebellious spirit in the jogging community. Common sense be dammed no big corporation with all their fancy ads and “scientific” data on proper ergonomic gear was influencing this Sid Vicious of the athletic world.
So I dedicate this post to the guy who’s probably still out there turning the jogging fashion world on it’s head.

Young Glitter is a recent release from Mario Armando Ruiz aka Teenage Sweater and he knows all about doing your own thing with a form of experimental synth pop Chill-wave that always seems familiar but pushes the boundaries by experimenting and challenging the norm in modern electro music. We definitely have some Bauhaus slash Joy Division influences going on, which I always love.

[French Pop] New Song from Yelle – L’Amour Parfait (with English translated lyrics)

[French Pop] New Song from Yelle - L'Amour Parfait

Yelle never ceases to amaze me. Her new song ”L’Amour Parfait” breaks away from her signature indie French dance pop, a style that made her the epitome of what was cool in electro back in 2006 and returns with a definitive darker palette. There’s no mistaking it’s Yell, she still has that beautiful vocal style that you can spot in a minute, but she’s coloring outside the lines here. She’s experimenting with new sounds and damned if she didn’t nail it with  ”L’Amour Parfait”. Produced by her long time collaborator Grand Marnier and Aeroplane they fuse Trap beats and Nu Disco melodies bring a new element to her music that works brilliantly. If this is the kind of thing we can expect from her from now on I look forward to her new stuff.

L’Amour Parfait EP comes out on February 11th on Kitsune and includes remixes from Baadman, Sticky K, The Phantom, and Ruben Mandolini.  You can Pre order it on Itunes.

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Yelle Links: Facebook , Twitter, Soundcloud

Translated using Imtranslator.net

//////////////////// LYRICS ///////////////////////

I don’t know what you mean, but it means a lot to me

Your defects are my qualities I am only one formality when the love leaves when the perfect love

I will serve you balance, I know anything that you observe when you are there when you are tired

I’m your tool of arrogance, I no longer exists when you have confidence when love leaves when love perfect

I would not have this chance, Being equipped with a conscience When love hand when perfect love



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[Synth Pop] New Kodacrome – Dance Malady Remix of From The Kolour Kult

Kodacrome The Kolor Kult Remix

Electro-Pop group Kodacrome  posted this Kolor Kult remix of “Dance Malady” on their face book page earlier today and I thought it was worth sharing with the faithful. The video features some interesting footage from filmmaker Maxi Mezentsev and the  furious scribbling of artist Eric Meltesen. “Dance Malady” is from Kodacrome’s stand out 2012 album of the year “Perla EP” you can picked up on Itunes for pretty cheap now. The Kolor Kult’s remix is from their “Run Down Ep” and is free on Band Camp. Enjoy!

Social Links: Kodacrome on Facebook, Twitter, The Kolour Kult on Facebook, Twitter

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