(Tech House) Sei A – Blades of Brasil

Sei A - Blades of Brasil  on Sublevel Transmission

Sei A just released a new Ep Blades of Brasil on Turbo Recordings . I had this EP on repeat all day just playing it over and over getting lost in thought as I muscled through my grind, each time I found some new small piece of the puzzle to love. Slow brooding builds, melodic tech heavy beats and warped out vocals, every thing is hitting on all cylinders here. This is my first introduction to this Scottish Producer and i’m a fan, it’s a mesmerizing three track experience with a ton of style and innovation and I’m looking forward to what’s next from Sei A. If you dug this check out his other releases here.

(Indie Pop) Misun – Hills and Trails, Free Download


DC based Misun just released their debut Ep “The Sea” back in July and their already back with a free download. Hills and Trails takes some influences from Digital Cumbia and brilliantly melts them with some Spaghetti Western soundtracks reminiscent of Sergio Leone.


(TrAp) Linsday Lowend – Wind Fish Ep


Coming out of DC is up and coming producer Lindsay Lowend with his latest EP “Wind Fish”. Beware this is not just another Trap Ep there’s just way to much going on here to confine this to one style. It’s a perfect storm of Dream Pop, Vintage Synth, Glitch beats and some really mental R&B and Samples. His talent is creating unique Lo-Fi anthems that morph and camouflage beats and melodies into uncontrollable head bobbing eargasims. Just a good time from start to finish.

Released a few days ago you can stream the EP on his Soundcloud or just go pick it up at iTunes. Here’s a couple of favorites to give you a taste and if that’s not enough go check out the mix he did for Thump.vice.com

dream poit

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(BASS/GRIME) Preview of London Bass Juggernaut Last Japan’s DARSK-EP


Here it is, a look at UK Bass/Future Garage Producer Last Japan’s newest EP “DARSK”. After warming up the bass machines and cranking up the volume I prepared myself for a listen to what Marco Giuliani been doing all locked away in his pod of  magic and Bass synth.

“Paid in Full” is gritty grime track that features Merky ACE, a new talent, who’s among group of young London MC’s  energizing a 10-year-old genre. “Paid in Full” pays off with an inspired and unrelenting sound that will take you back to what you loved about early grime, raw quality.

Last Japan knows how to deliver the goods and does it every time with the mark of a true original. “Hoods” infuse old school breaks and new school wobbles.”Every Time I” and “Float” are quintessential Last Japan grooves, deep brooding bass lines, infectious melodies and strong vocal samples. Pick it up July 14 or pre-order through the link below.

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(Grime N Bass )London Producer Last Japan New Ep Dropping


London’s Last Japan has always been top of our list of producers that represent what’s really going down in dance music today. The main criteria for this list, consistently produce music that raise the bar every time and Last Japan hits this mark on the spot. He pushes boundaries with tracks that infuse Grime, Garage, heavy bass and deep melodies. He’s a true original and a Sublevel Favorite.

He’s planning on releasing a sneak peek of his EP “DARSK” tomorrow. So while we wait I thought we’d share a few essential tracks from one of the UK’s more important underground beat producers.

If you still need more check out his other project Circadian Rhythms a Bi weekly show he hosted with Black wax on NTSlive and you can always catch up with him on Facebook & Twitter. Don’t be a fool pick up the DARSK Ep Starting July 14.

Sublevel Favorites

Ultra Grizzly

Cold Classic


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(Grime) Bloom – Maze Temple Ep Sampler

BLOOM	 Maze Temple EP

Some really manic bass worth checking out on Blooms latest Ep “Maze Temple”. This local Belfast producer builds some pretty numbing moments of stutter bass and grime while making use of some pretty harsh raw samples that just make s it sound that much more grizzly. The real mark of a true professional here comes from the fact the Bloom doesn’t have to concentrate and rely on those big drops to create those euphoric moments of ahh. He layers it all through out his tracks with mosaics of sounds that have been refined and tweaked into perfection, Really enjoyed this one reminded me of what Photec was doing in DnB but Bloom is just taking it to the next level.

Released just a few days ago on Visionist’s growing Lost Codes makes it a must have, so go buy it and support good music.

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