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(Filth Pop) Made in Heights – Murakami


If your not familiar with Maid in Heights now is the time to pay attention. Their latest single Murakami was released about a week ago on sound cloud and it really represents some of their best work to date. Kelsey Bulkin's vocals are soft, angelic and in certain moments takes on an MC rhythm that gives the vocal performance an edgy raw quality. Sabazi brings in his stylish beat production and really takes it deep around 2:27 with a Glitch/Trap bass drop that just has one of those over powering moments that shreds every thing away and let's you get lost in those wobbles and bass. Overall I'm really pleased with the body of work from Made in Heights, but this latest track is a stand out tune that keeps me coming back to it time and time again.




(Soul) Allie – Cross My Mind


I came across Toronto based R&B Soul singer Allie very recently and I immediately recognized it as one of those soundcloud moments that was undeniably special. “Cross my mind” was my my first exposure to this Canadian Indie Soul Singer and her slow soulful crooning grabbed me immediately and made impression. Strange Creatures is her recently released EP and is now available on Band Camp for any price you name, which makes it worth picking up. You can pick up this track “Cross My Mind” on Soundcloud.






(Indie Folk) The Streets of Laredo – Girlfriend


(Indie Folk) The Streets of Laredo – Girlfriend

The Streets of Laredo are an Indie Folk band that spends most of their time gigging between Brooklyn and New Zeland. This spirited gypsy trio thrives on spontaneous colabertion and free form musical exploitation. Girlfriend was a favorite of mine and a good example of what makes this band special and hope fully a good reason to check these guys out. Their expected to drop a new Ep the Streets of Laredo Vol 1 due out October 7.


Streets of Laredo | Girlfriend (Official) from Streets of Laredo on Vimeo.

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